Smile Gallery

Two full Porcelain Crowns

Patient had previous crowns on two of his front teeth showing a darker margin on the gums due the metal under the crowns. Also crown on #8 broke off. We replaced both crowns with full porcelain crowns giving a more natural look to his teeth and gums.

Upper Front Porcelain Crowns

We replaced old restorations that were causing gingival inflammation. Gum was recontoured with laser.

Six Veneers on Upper Front Teeth

Porcelain veneers were used to enhance patient smile providing a natural and more attractive look.

Veneers in Upper Front Tooth

A porcelain veneer was place to restore patient smile matching the color of the rest of his natural dentition.

Direct Composite

We mixed nine different composites to fix the chipped tooth and give it a natural look.

Full Mouth Restoration

Patient’s teeth were broken, chipped, decayed and stained. The bite was off because the teeth were so worn down. We restored his smile and bite with full porcelain and porcelain fused to gold crowns on all of his teeth.

Full Restoration with Crowns & Veneers

Patient had broken, decayed, fractured, stained and missing teeth. We restored the patient’s smile with porcelain crowns and veneers, and she will have implants to replace the missing teeth.

Single Veneer

Chipped tooth was restored with a porcelain veneer that mimics the rest of patient’s natural dentition.

Veneers Front Lower Teeth

Correction of misalignment and discoloration with seven porcelain veneers.